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This journal is semi-friends only but the post are mostly unlocked, since I cant find any reason to lock it. Comment to be added, I'd love to meet new friends here. I mostly post Arashi's Radio Shows, but don't expect me to post everything since I've been busy recently. My name is Rara and I'm an Indonesian, was born on 17th Febuary with weird fetishes. Call me a weirdo, geek or freak and I'll get the hint that you love me. If you love me, I'll love you back. If you add me, I'll add you back! Simple. We will use barney rules here ^__^
Take My Hand

Rekomen (20/04/12) and Arashi Discovery (16-20/04/12)

Hello guys!
Just a little update to show that I'm still alive xD I've been busy recently and havent got enough time to fangirl :( 

So, here's the link~
The quality is not a HQ one but I think it is quite decent.

(26.82mb) Rekomen 20/04/12
(11.88mb) Arashi Discovery 16/04/12-20/04/12

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Thankyou, have a great weekend <3

Ima Soko ni Iru Hitobito (いま そこにいる人々 <命の現場>)

Hello guys >_< It has been a while since I've updated my LJ~ T^T
I've got soo many works to do and I really don't have any time to record/upload Arashi's radio shows, gomenasai~

Btw, this is a special program called, “Sakurai Sho no ‘Ima Soko ni Iru Hitobito’ ‘Inochi no Genba’(The People Who are Here Now ‘The Scene of Life’) which shown Sho’s close report on the medical scene. This was aired yesterday and about one hour long :) This program is full of Arashi's songs btw ^O^ and sorry I cant upload any screencaps since my internet is soooo slowww today! 

Well, enjoy some random screencaps! xD

Here's the links, not really in great quality but definitely watchable ^^
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Please comment when you're taking <3
Thank you and Enjoy!



Arashi Discovery 2011.07.21 (HQ)

Hello guys!
Im soo sorry I didn't upload anything since last week, I went to Thailand for a week and I cant record radio shows there. But I've come back now now so I'll upload Arashi's radio shows as usual. Sorry for not informing you guys earlier. I just dont have any time, gomenasai~

So, here is today's Arashi Discovery~
Oh-Chan played Your Song from Dream A live album. Click on the picture to download the file~ ^^

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Thank you and enjoy!